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Help Us support The Creation Of Protected Nature Reserves

When setting up Born Hybrid, we tried to make ethical and environmentally conscious decisions at every stage of production. It didn’t matter to us how small the issue was, we wanted to know that we had tried our best.

However, some problems were difficult to fully overcome, which left us wanting to do more to reduce our impact on the world. Through World Land Trust, we will fund the purchase of 20 square metres of forest for every T-shirt sold—saving ecosystems whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

Since Emily’s designs showcase some beautiful but endangered animals across the globe, we wanted to give something back to them. World Land Trust makes it their mission to protect and sustainably manage eco-systems across the world, which made them a perfect charity for us to support. They also have the backing of Sir David Attenborough who has supported them since 1989 and been a patron since 2003 – so you know they’re the real deal.

“The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.” Sir David Attenborough

Every year we will donate to World Land Trust to help with their Buy an Acre appeal. For every T-shirt sold, we will fund the purchase of 20 square metres of forest. This money will enable their trusted conservation partners to purchase wildlife-rich habitats when opportunities arise.

World Land Trust's nature reserves prevent more extreme deforestation

Every acre purchased through this appeal becomes a protected nature reserve, owned by, employing and working with local people and communities. Protecting the land in this way prevents it from being purchased and cleared for cattle grazing or agriculture. However, as risks of poaching, fires and illegal logging are still an active issue, local wildlife rangers are also employed to patrol the reserves, adding an extra level of protection.


Forests and grasslands contain huge volumes of carbon in their biomass and soils. When these habitats are destroyed, they release stored carbon into the atmosphere – currently contributing to between 10 and 20% of global GHG emissions. So when the Buy an Acre appeal protects a threatened ecosystem, it benefits the whole world by avoiding the release of stored carbon.

blue macaws live in World Land Trust nature reserves
Blue Macaw

In 2014, the Buy an Acre appeal funded 3,306 acres of an extension to the Barba Azul reserve in Bolivia. This area of savanna landscape floods every year, creating forest islands of Motacu Palms which provide food for the critically endangered Blue-throated Macaw and shelter for Giant Anteaters and Maned Wolves. Without World Land Trust, this precious ecosystem could have been destroyed for logging, hunting and cattle ranching.


Our planet is under growing pressure each day, with climate change becoming a more prominent concern. It’s really important now more than ever for companies and individuals to take responsibility for our impact on the world.


By creating these protected nature reserves together, we can help reduce our carbon footprint, provide safe havens for endangered ecosystems, and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

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